Chemin de l'oliviérède Quartier Saint-Clément 83680 La Garde Freinet
04 94 54 45 07
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Le Carré Theatre and cinema
Le Carré Gaumont Théâtre et cinéma
Le Carré Theatre and cinema

Engaged in a project of discovery and sharing of creative processes, art education and awareness among all audiences, Le Carré Ste-Maxime is a multidisciplinary space for creation and diffusion, to democratize access for all to new writings of live performance.

Equipment for the City of Ste-Maxime, Le Carré is an artistic space of public service. It establishes direct relations with people in a close relationship, sharing and discovery. The Square reinvents the terms of meeting artists / works / public through an extensive system of artistic actions, playful, inventive, immersive and interactive.

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